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What type of certificate of representation should I apply for?

You should apply for a certificate of Legal Representative of a Legal Entity if you are a natural person, a legal representative of a legal entity and you are not a sole or joint administrator. This certificate is suitable for entities whose NIF begins with:

• A y B: Corporations and limited liability companies, if the representative of the company is a joint administrator, attorney-in-fact, sole shareholder, president, director, joint and several managing director, joint administrator, liquidator, etc...and has specific powers of representation that allow him/her to obtain this type of certificate.

• C:General partnerships.

• D: Limited partnerships.

• F:Cooperative societies.

• G: Associations L.O. 1/2002, foundations, political party, trade union, consumers and users association, business organization, sports federation, other associations different from the previous ones with legal personality. Other associations.

• J: Civil societies.

• N:Foreign entities with legal personality, EO from EORI, In from non-established VAT, NR from non-resident 210, European limited companies, European cooperative societies, corporation, association or entity with legal personality with presence in Spain, embassies, consulates or commercial offices of foreign countries in Spain.

• Q: Public organisms.

• R: Religious congregations and institutions.

• S:Governments of the Autonomous Communities.

• P:City councils or deputations.

• V:Agricultural company in transformation, economic interest grouping, European economic interest grouping, etc...

You must request a certificate of Legal Representative of Entity without Legal Personality if you are a natural person, legal representative of an entity whose NIF begins with:

• E:Communities of goods, inheritances and estates, shared ownership of agricultural explotations.

• H: Communities of owners.

• N: Corporation or independent entity, but without legal personality with presence in Spain, conj. unit. assets belonging to 2 or more persons in common without legal personality with presence in Spain, entities in atrib. rentas. constituted abroad without presence in Spain, other entities without legal personality different from those reflected in the section of representative of legal person.

• P: Neighborhood councils, department or body dependent on the Administration without legal personality.

• S: Organisations of the central and autonomous administration, except the governments of the Autonomous Communities.

• U:Temporary joint ventures.

• V: Other types without legal personality such as: investment fund, venture capital fund, pension fund, mortgage market regulation fund, mortgage securitization fund, asset securitization fund, investment guarantee fund, community of owners of common land, bank asset funds, other entities without legal personality.

• W:Non-resident entities with permanent establishment in Spain.


You must apply for a certificate of Legal Representative of Sole and Joint Administrators if you are a natural person, legal representative, sole or joint administrator, properly registered in the Commercial Registry, of a corporation (A)or limited liability company (B).

I have already made the request for my certificate in an OVP, what should I do?

Once the request has been made, you must activate it so that it reaches the ANF AC servers and the information and documentation provided can be validated and the certificate issued.

Please download the Crical Access manual that you will find in the following link. There you will find step-by-step instructions, from the activation of your application to the export of your certificate.

Critical Access® Suite Guide

How do I activate the certificate request? Have I done the activation correctly?

You must open the Critical Access Suite program that you will find in your eSign Device (USB). In the section "Electronic signature" click on "Activate". You will have to enter the two activation keys:

• Sent to the e-mail address indicated in the certificate request.
• Sent by SMS to the cell phone number indicated in the certificate request..

Once the request has been activated, you will have to wait 24-48 hours for your documentation to be validated and your certificate to be issued. For more information and illustrations on the procedure, please refer to the Critical Access® Suite manual:

Critical Access® Suite Guide


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