Qualified public employee certificate

Certificates for Public Administration

The qualified certificates of Public Employee guarantee the identity of their holder, linking them to a Public Administration in the exercise of their professional skills.

This certificate contains the relative information about the position of the holder, the department to which he belongs and the Public Administration of which he is a part.


The ANF Certification Authority public employee electronic certificate offers the possibility of issuing said certificate under a pseudonym.

The certificates issued under this Certification Policy identify the subscriber requesting the issuance of the certificate. In the case of pseudonym certificates, ANF AC will verify their true identity and keep the documentation that accredits it.

The request for this type of certificate is the responsibility of the Public Administration or public entities, which must verify the status of public employee of the certificate holders by consulting the personnel records of the organization of your competition.

Who can request it?


Public employees (civil servants, labor, statutory and authorized personnel) who work for any type of Public Administration (European, state, regional and local).

The employees of the instrumental entities of the Public Administration.

Employees of Corporations and Public Universities.

The figures of the electronic certificate


What documentation is necessary to provide?

Documentation to be provided

Prove the identity of the Signatory (Public Employee)
• For Spanish citizens: valid ID or Passport or any other means admitted by law.
• Foreign citizen: TIE (Foreigner Identity Card) or other official document that proves the NIE and identity document of the country of origin (for citizens of EU countries) or valid passport.

Accredit the link to the requesting Entity (Public Administration in a broad sense):
• Authorization signed by the representative of the Administration, entity, body or public body, with competence for that purpose.

In addition, in case of wanting to identify the signer in the certificate with his public employee number, the data must be accredited.

Prove the existence of the Entity and competence of the representative in order to prove the relationship of the signer (public employee) with the Entity (e.g. General Directorate, Directorate or HR)

Option 1:
• Document of creation / constitution of the Entity (publication, BOE reference or Public deed).
• Deed or Certificate of appointment of the representative of the Entity with sufficient powers to prove the relationship of the Applicant with the Entity (e.g. General Director or HR).

Option 2:
Official certification issued by certifying positions (Secretary General, administrative body, managerial staff or any other hierarchical superior with a representative position) that certifies the powers of the representative signing the authorization and the validity of his position / position, issued during the fifteen ( 15) working days prior to the date of submission of the documentation.


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