Qualified electronic timestamping


When was an invoice or order issued? Who was responsible for signing it and when? Can I file a claim for non-payment? How can I prove that an invoice has been paid and since when?

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TimeStamp is an essential element that allows:

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How does it work?

  • 1For the creation and signing of the stamps issued

    ANF AC has an international infrastructure of servers, which function as Time Stamp Units (TSU). Based on blockchain, the timestamp units are unalterable and allow full traceability. All stamps issued by ANF AC have a unique transaction number.

  • 2 As Time Stamping Authority

    ANF AC is in charge of the generation of the time units, consumed by the user upon request.

  • 3 We make available to our customers and partners

    different consumption modalities. Quick and easy integration, following the RFC 3161 standard.

  • 4 Use on the customer's secure servers documents

    files or logs will never leave the entity's secure environment.


What are the advantages?

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Long-term electronic signature

Provides electronic signatures, whether advanced or qualified, with long term validity.


Access Control and Systems

Provides irrefutable and unalterable proof of the exact date and time of the completion of an access or event.


Banking and Fintech

Allows to record the exact date and time of the completion of a transaction, opening of a bank account, consumption, SEPA mandates, etc.


Professional Activities

Generates evidence and certifies the existence of a document or electronic file at a given moment in time, be it contracts, patents, or any other type of document.


Health Sector

Used for marking medical records, electronic prescriptions, medical reports and analysis results.


ANF AC is one of the few CA’s that owns and offers the technology to verify the validity of the TimeStamp issued by it. Each Time Stamp Units (TSU) manages a list of hash chains that precludes any possible manipulation of the system.

The ANF AC technology has the capacity to provide time stamp services synchronized with the official time of each State in which its Time Stamping Units are located.

Use cases
Invoice signature

Publication of official gazettes

Publication of notices of meetings of governing bodies, e.g. a General Meeting of Shareholders

Online contract signing

True Digital Copy (TIN)

Certified scanning of paper documents

Resealing of electronic documents including electronic signatures for long-term safekeeping

Sealing of documents incorporating electronic evidence of identity

The Time Stamping Authority (TSA)

It is a certification service provider that provides certainty about the pre-existence of data in electronic format at a specific point in time, and that these data have not been altered since that specific point in time.


Reference standards and norms

Time-Stamp protocol (TSP).
Policy Requirements for Time-Stamping Authorities (TSAs).
Network Time Protocol (NTP v3).
ETSI TS 102 023
Electronic Signatures and Infrastructures (ESI); Policy requirements for time-stamping authorities.
ETSI TS 101 861 TSA
Time-stamping protocol.