how you help the fight against climate change using ANF AC technology

Supporting the environment and fighting climate change


Every sheet of paper you use has an environmental cost


How many trees does it take to produce 1 tonne of paper?


Did you know that global paper consumption is 258 million tonnes per year?

Every year, 4 billion trees are cut down worldwide to make paper.
To produce one tonne of virgin paper, 2 to 3.5 tonnes of trees are required, or an average of 28 to 49 trees.


How many litres of water does it take to make paper?


A pack of 500 sheets of the traditional 80 grams weighs 2.5 kg, so each sheet weighs 5 grams.

How much oxygen does a sheet of paper give me?



How much chlorine dioxide does it take to make one sheet of paper?


To make the paper immaculate white, the paper industry is the third largest purchaser of chlorine dioxide bleach, which is highly polluting and generates dioxin, which is carcinogenic, mutagenic and teratogenic.

How much energy consumption does a sheet of paper require?


Did you know that the paper process accounts for more than 10% of the total energy consumed by the whole industry in Spain?

How much does paper-based administration cost me?


The cost of product, transport, storage, printing, archiving and handling, presupposes 0.5 euros for each sheet of paper. In the case of paper invoices, burofax, notary, etc., the costs rise exponentially.