Destruction of the paper medium with full legal safeguards

What is Legal Snap Scan?

It`s a Certified Digitalisation Software approved by the Tax Agency for the dematerialisation of tax documents and destruction of the paper support while maintaining the legal validity and guarantees in the electronic format.


Save on logistics and paper management with Legal Snap Scan.


Large companies are already enjoying the benefits

What can I do?

Legal Snap Scan Software

VAT recovery

Legal Snap Scan Software

Custody and publication service

Legal Snap Scan Software

Online access service

Legal Snap Scan Software

Printing on paper of documents necessary for the verification or documentation of tax control activities

Legal Snap Scan Software

Tax/audit inspection platform

Legal Snap Scan Software

The archives shall be considered self-documented and self-sufficient

Legal Snap Scan Software

The generation and administration of credentials for tax inspectors or auditors.

Legal Snap Scan Software

Generation of credentials configuration of periods subject to inspection.

Legal Snap Scan Software

The generation of temporary audit or tax inspection frames, with restriction by employee code(s) or global.

LEGAL SNAP SCAN® quality management plan

The Quality Management Plan, is the process approved by Resolution of the Director of the Tax Computing Department of the AEAT dated 26.11.2007, with reference 0B1F56D5A8E90CBB and its update version 2.1 (23.10.2017), in accordance with the Order EHA 962/2007 and the Resolution of October 24, 2007 of AEAT.

Reference standards




Important note

We must remember that certified digitization allows the dematerialization of a document, replacing the traditional paper support to electronic support, but the document in origin must be fiscally valid, a paper document that does not have fiscal validity cannot acquire it by the fact of being digitally certified.



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