Due to its low cost and ease of use, it is a solution especially suitable for the for the self-employed, micro and small companies. Distributed by our network of franchised agencies and consultancies.

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For many people, creating and transmitting invoices for the public administration, public companies and large corporations is a real ordeal. At Legal Snap Scan ® we remove the superfluous and keep the essence: create the invoice, sign it and deliver it to the recipient.

Available in:
FacturaE electronic invoice

Desk (Windows)

Grupo 164-2



Invoices won't make themselves but Legal Snap Scan® automates:

  • The transformation of the document into the format required by the addressee.

  • Authenticate the document by electronic signature.

  • It transmits to the general FACe invoice entry point of each Public Administration and other entry points of Autonomous Communities, Provincial Councils or EELLs, as well as public companies and large corporations. It also generates an Excel file for your administration.


    Legal Snap Scan® is an ANF Certification Authority solution:

    Officially approved by Agencia Tributaria para la Digitalización certified in accordance with the AEAT Resolution of 24 October 2007, click here.

    Electronic invoicing service provider FACE-registered in FACe (Order PRE/2971/2007), click here.

    Transformation of expense notes for VAT recovery, click here.

    Preservation, custody and publication of documents authenticated by electronic signature Qualified service in accordance with Regulation (EU) eIDAS, and Royal Decree 1619/2012, click here.