Accreditation requirements


Get recognition for your Training Entity

In accordance with the provisions of section 5.2.4 Requirements relating to the recognition process for Training Entities, in relation to part II of Annex I of the AEPD-DPD Certification Scheme v.1.4., the Certification Entities shall recognise the training programmes of the Training Entities in accordance with the following requirements:



(60, 100 or 180 hours)

Subject area

In accordance with the programme defined in the Scheme

Validation method

By passing an examination (it is not sufficient to justify attendance at training).

Didactic methodology

Including the teaching of theoretical knowledge, practical exercises and the development of collaborative exercises with a result and expository value (group work including presentations and debates, either face-to-face and/or telepresence).

Program or list of contents

In accordance with Annex V of v 1.4 of the AEPD-DPD Certification Scheme.


Domain 1

General data protection regulations. Compliance with European regulations, national rules, and European directive on ePrivacy. Guidelines and guides from art. 29 WG, etc.


Domain 2

Accountability. Personal data processing risk assessment and management; data protection impact assessment, data protection by design, data protection by default, etc.


Domain 3

Techniques to ensure compliance with data protection regulations. Security audits, data protection audits, etc.