The qualified electronic time-stamp

It is an electronic timestamp, which allows to prove that a series of data exists or has existed, at a given point in time.
The consumption of the service does not require any integration by the client, nor engineering hours to start its consumption. ANF AC provides the client with a web service from which the Qualified Time Stamp request must be made.

The Qualified Electronic Time Stamp

It has throughout the EU the presumption of accuracy of the date and time indicated and of the integrity of the data to which it is linked to that date and time. The transmitters of these instruments rely on an accurate time source, which must be linked to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).


Time Stamping Authority

Grupo 401

Trusted Service Provider

which provides time-stamping services to the public, is called the Time Stamping Authority (TSA).
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General responsibility

for the provision of its time-stamping services, covering the operation of one or more time-stamping units.

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Each time stamp must identify

to the responsible Time Stamping Authority, through its signature.
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The Time-Stamping Authority

provides certainty about the pre-existence of data in electronic format at a specific point in time that has not been altered since that point in time.

Does it prevent alteration of the document?

A qualified time stamp guarantees that a tampering can be detected, but does not provide a guarantee that tampering will not occur.

In other words, it does not prevent tampering with the sealed content, but it will be possible to know with certainty whether the sealed content has been modified or tampered with.

These properties allow for different types of use

They can be applied in thousands of real-life cases, some of which may include



Qualified Time Stamp Issuing Service

ANF AC as a Qualified Trust Service Provider, has, among its portfolio of qualified trust services, the service of issuing Qualified Electronic Time Stamps.