Eliminate paper and physical logistics


It allows the sending of electronic communications and documents proving, as in their physical counterpart, the integrity of the content, identity of sender and recipient, moment of delivery of the communication.

All this with the best guarantees and benefits endowed by their qualified status.


That allows us?

  • The delivery of attachments in the certified eMail.
  • Ensure traceability of the entire transaction.
  • The recipient has direct access to the documents.
  • No registration or registration by the recipient is required.
  • Delivery by downloading to the ANF AC® eBurofax Web platform.
  • Possibility of including 2FA requirement for access to encrypted documentation.

  • Automatic generation of informed consent receipts (RGPD).
  • Possibility of sending encrypted data and documents.
  • Proof of content authenticity before the Court of Justice.
  • Possibility of reply by the recipient.
  • Allows the sender to establish whether or not to accept a reply from the addressee, with the possibility of a time limit.

Get to know its functionalities and evidences


(communication and attached documents)

Integrity of
the content

Identity of sender
and addressee.

Possibility of delivery
of attachments.

Possibility of sending in
plain or encrypted text.

Timing of
each event

(Qualified Electronic Time Stamp)


eBurofax notifications without addressee's mailbox

When the e-mail address of the addressee is not known, it is not possible to notify reliably electronically. However, in the case of large companies, the Law establishes the obligation to have a means of telematic interlocution.



We guarantee your privacy with SafeBox technology

In the case of sending encrypted documents, ANF AC does not access the content of the information, but this does not prevent accrediting the authenticity of the content as they are signed with an electronic seal.

Legal regulations on which the service is based

ANF AC in accordance with:


Do not hesitate to contact us with any legal questions you may have regarding the scope and legal effectiveness of eBurofax ANF AC ®.


Are you saving with your electronic signature?

Discover what is the ROI of your investment in electronic signature

Are you saving with your electronic signature?

Discover what is the ROI of your investment in electronic signature