Official accreditations

Accredited by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation of Spain as qualified trust service providers under the eIDAS Regulation,

For services:
• Issuance of qualified certificates of,

o Electronic signature
- Natural person
- Legal representative
- Proxy
- Public Employee

o Electronic seal
- Corporate
- AA.PP.

o Secure Server
- Certificados SSL
- Electronic Office Certificates

o PSD2 – Means of payment
o EPREL - EU energy labeling -
o EU Patents and Trademarks

Issued in any modality:

o Qualified electronic signature device
o PFX Software (PKCS#12)
o Centralized certificates in the Cloud

• Remote electronic signature.
• Electronic qualified delivery
• Qualified validation of electronic signatures and seals
• Long-term preservation of electronic documents
• Qualified electronic time stamp

Accredited by the National Secretariat of Telecommunications (SENATEL ECUADOR)

For services:
  • Issuance of electronic certificates
  • Issuance of electronic time stamps

Certification Entity recognized by the Spanish Agency of Data Protection and certified by the National Protection Agency and certified by the National Accreditation Entity.

For the certification of professional training of Data Protection Officers and Training Plans of Data Protection Officers and Training Plans of Study Centers.

The normative term according to the AEPD - DPD Scheme is recognition.

Recognition of Tax Information Technology of the State Agency of Tax Administration of Spain.

ANF AC's Snap Scan ® Legal Product approved for the realization of Certified digitalization.