Electronic seal certificate for EPREL

Meets the requirements of the European Commission

Are you a supplier of products subject to energy labeling regulations?

The European Commission has published a new update, establishing a new requirement to verify the identity of suppliers through a Qualified Electronic Seal Certificate for their registration and registration with EPREL.

These measures are defined with the purpose of improving the integrity, identity and reliability of the registered information.

EPREL will verify the following elements:

  • The existence of the supplier
  • That the provider is established in the EU/EEA or Northern Ireland
  • The right of the person signing to act on behalf of the provider


As of the second half of March 2022, any supplier already operating in EPREL who wishes their products to be visible in the registry must have verified their identity by means of a qualified electronic certificate.

Otherwise, you may see your EEA sales blocked!


Contact us and get your electronic seal certificate!

As Qualified Trust Service Providers, we issue qualified Electronic Seal certificates compatible with the verification of EPREL providers and in compliance with the eIDAS Regulation and ETSI EN 319 412.

Obtaining is easy, simple and fast.

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What is EPREL?

EPREL, is a platform created in which suppliers, manufacturers, importers or authorized representatives must register those of their products that require the EU energy label.

Consumers can access EPREL by scanning the QR code on the energy label, where they will find publicly accessible information (such as energy efficiency, product dimensions, minimum warranty, annual consumption, among others)

Why should I use a qualified electronic seal at EPREL?


Obtain your qualified electronic seal certificate


How do I go through the verification process?

ANF AC will advise you on the steps to carry out in the EPREL verification process.



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