Electronic notifications mailbox

Complies with the legal obligation


Centralise all electronic notifications and summons in a single tray


Work efficiently and spend hours on what is really important

Access and manage your electronic notifications and those of your customers in a centralised and automated way.

Comply with the obligation to interact electronically with the Public Administrations, collect your notifications in due time and form and avoid them being understood to have been rejected because you have not accessed them. It will not help you to allege lack of notice.

All state, autonomous and local public administrations

is obliged to notify via the electronic mailbox of Sede Electrónica

And when the interested party does not collect the notification, he is considered to have been notified, with the serious consequences of defencelessness that this entails.

Save time and centralise all your formalities

Avoid non-compliance and potential sanctions


Law 39/2015 of 1 October, imposes on companies and individual professionals the obligation to interact electronically with Public Administrations.


Self-employed persons with professional activity that requires membership of a professional association are obliged to interact electronically with the Administration.

The use of digital media and tools translates into streamlined procedures and efficient management.