Root CA certificates

A certification hierarchy consists of a hierarchical structure of CAs starting from a root CA (self-signed), which signs intermediate CA certificates and lists of intermediate CA revoked certificates (ARL's). At each level, there are one or more intermediate CAs that sign end-entity certificates and lists of revoked certificates (CRLs).

PKI managed by ANF AC follows a vertical Certification Hierarchy in accordance with the IETF document RFC 4158 "Internet X.509 Public Key Infrastructure: Certification Path Building". The Certification Path is built from the Root Certificate of the Certification Authority.

ANF Certification Authority, as stated in its Certification Practices Statement, has the following root CA and intermediate CA certificates:

ANF Global Root CA
valid until 06/05/2033




Root – ANF Global Root CA
valid until 05/15/2036




Root – ANF Secure Server Root CA
valid until 01/10/2039


See Records


Root – ANF Server CA
expired on 02/01/2010

Root – ANF Root CA
expired on 02/26/2015








Root – ANF Server CA
expired on 04/03/2015


Root – ANF SSL CA1 Headquarters
valid until 11/29/2021

Root – ANF Server CA
valid until 12/01/2021






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