Offer your members the best technology on the market


Professional associations, faced with the dynamics of technological and regulatory change, have to face important challenges:


The use of digital certification and processing for professional bodies is becoming increasingly important.

Many consultants have found that teleworking, identification, certificate processing... among many other certification tools, are an essential element of competitiveness. Not only because they improve their daily management, but also because they are services that are compatible with their traditional portfolio. They increase profitability and prestige symmetrically to the degree of modernisation achieved.


A great opportunity for your institution

It is an offer that many may consider commercially aggressive and impossible, but it is simply the result of an intelligent application of our economic resources; we invest more in product development and customer service than in representation and marketing expenses.

We have always found it paradoxical to charge the customer extra for the privilege of spending their time on marketing campaigns. By keeping our marketing and commercial costs low, we keep our prices affordable and pass the savings on to our users.

What do we offer you?

Professional Associations
Electronic College Headquarters (Professionals will be able to carry out the necessary procedures for membership, practice and deregistration in the College, through a single point, electronically and remotely).
Professional Associations
Electronic signature certificates (College with the capacity to issue unlimited certificates for all its members).
Professional Associations
Membership card (Get your membership card without having to pay extra)
Professional Associations
RedProfesional App (Exclusive App for the School)
Professional Associations
Legal document management (Much more than an e-signature service)
Professional Associations
eDocument Legal Management (Guarantees the digitalisation of all administrative and commercial processes with full legal effects).
Professional Associations
Certified Delivery (eBurofax, eMail, SMS…)
Professional Associations
eIDAS eSignature (Qualified electronic signature, eMail, SMS...)


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