At ANF Autoridad de Certificación we help organizations and citizens to apply mechanisms that help maintain the ecological footprint, the preservation of the environment and the care of the entire ecosystem. Our philosophy and DNA is to support projects that improve the quality of life of all living beings on the planet.


From ANF AC we try to promote environmental improvement, and we allocate the necessary resources to ensure the successful implementation and compliance with our policy.

Freedom Sanctuary Project

Of Natural Frank

Frank Cuesta has created after many years of dedication for the animals, a new project called "Santuario Libertad". It was born out of the need to create a new shelter of larger dimensions than the one he had maintained for so many years, where animals can live freely.

Under his motto "Animals have no lawyers", Frank Cuesta has acquired several hectares to create this place that will have a controlled perimeter, six large troughs as a lake and will be linked by an artificial river, among many other improvements. The animals that cannot be released into their natural habitat will be able to live on the land until their last days. They will have a lot of freedom in this open space, as in a typical jungle and as close to their place of origin as possible

Natural Frank Freedom Sanctuary Project

ANF Certification Authority collaborates with the Frank Cuesta Freedom Sanctuary, to offer a refuge for unprotected animals so that they can live peacefully.

Out of the reach of illegal traffickers who seek to take advantage of them.

We invite citizens and organisations to also collaborate with Frank by visiting his Youtube channel through the following link or on his official website:

And remember: "No demand, no business".

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