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"A globalized world demands highly competitive companies"

In the Information Society, the dematerialization of processes and telematic work are an unquestionable reality.

Our company has the necessary knowledge and experience to face signature projects most demanding electronics and digital identification. We guarantee a relationship of trust based on regulatory compliance and the commitments assumed.
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In line with our philosophy, and according to the values of professionalism, rigor, transparency and knowledge, we strengthen our path towards excellence through the audit and certification of our services. Talking about confidence and technological capacity is usually simple, and can be seen continuously wherever we go.

For ANF AC, the best way to demonstrate to ourselves and to the market that we are experts in our field is through our accreditations.

CEach year, ANF AC undergoes exhaustive audits at European level to meet its objectives in knowledge, quality of services and products, innovation and regulatory compliance.


In the field of PKI technology

We are accredited for the provision of 100% eIDAS qualified services:

  • Electronic Signature Certificate
  • Electronic Seal Certificate
  • Web Server Authentication Certificate
  • PSD2 Certificate
  • EPREL Certificate
  • Patent and Trademark Certificate
  • Centralized Certificate Service
  • Qualified Electronic Time Stamps
  • Remote Electronic Signature Service
  • Remote Biometric Identification Service
  • Electronic Signature Validation Service
  • Electronic Seal Validation Service
  • Electronic Signature Retention Service
  • Electronic Seal Preservation Service

We are the only CA with our own certified digitalization software

recognized by the Spanish Tax Agency (AEAT).. Recognized by the Spanish Tax Agency (AEAT). In the field of data protection, according to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR):

  • ANF AC is a Certifying Entity for the exercise of Data Protection Delegate by the National Accreditation Entity (ENAC) and the Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD).

Official accreditations

Technical approvals



In accordance with current legislation, and in order to meet the liabilities arising from its activity as PCSC, ANF AC has a Liability Insurance Policy with the insurer HISCOX, S.A, whose insured coverage is five million euros (5,000,000 €).

HD IP6 2056529

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