Responsible of issuance

Guarantee of security and quality of service

What is an RDE?

To guarantee the quality of the service provided, and in accordance with the Law on Electronic Signatures, which establishes the Qualified Provider as the party ultimately responsible for issuing electronic certificates, ANF AC has an RDE Department, specialised in the verification and checking of all certificate applications processed: The Issuance Ruling Manager.

These are personnel assigned to the Legal Department of ANF AC,
whose task is to determine the sufficiency or deficiency of the documents obtained during the certificate application process, to check the reliability of the information.

What are its functions?

Follow-up on the status of the application.

Determine that the application complies with the requirements according to the type of certificates.

Verify that all documents have been signed.

Verify that all the required formalities have been met

Verify that all required information is included

Apply the corresponding cryptographic verification process.