Electronic proxy certificate

What is the Electronic Proxy Certificate and what is it for?

Certificate that allows a special proxy of an Entity or Organisation to act on its behalf within the strict scope of his or her powers to sign documents (contracts, minutes, communications, instructions, etc.).

*It is not recommended to act before public administrations in online procedures. For this, our PRAP Certificate or the Legal Representative Certificate is recommended.

What does it allow to do?


Who can apply?

It`s aimed at natural persons who have special powers of attorney over an organisation, i.e. powers limited to certain specific areas or powers.

Electronic certificate figures


Special proxy


This is the natural person identified in the certificate, where their name, surname, identity document and their power of representation of the Entity appear.





This is the organisation or entity that the holder represents, its details also appear on the certificate.



What documentation is required?

Documentation to be provided
  • DNI of the authorised person

  • Current power of attorney in favour of the authorised person

  • NIF number of the legal entity represented

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