Direct sales SMS and email

Massively closes sales and purchase orders. Through SMS and eMail marketing


We revolutionize advertising campaigns by going further

Permitiendo a los clientes receptores de la firma de contratos formalizar adhesiones y órdenes de pedido en la misma comunicación. We take advantage of the momentum effect!


Both SMS marketing and mailing, are a direct and efficient channel to keep in touch with your customers and increase your business performance.

Use this service for advertising campaigns and ensure that your customers receive your communications and documents in a reliable way.


How can you use it?



Benefits of SMS/email campaigns with direct sales

Opening rates above 90%
Direct and effective channel
Allows instant contract or order placement
Easy to use and configure
Massive campaigns
Strengthens the image of marc

Real-time tracking of your campaign's status, checks whether communications have been sent, received, opened and whether the end user has formalized the sale.

Through direct sales SMS/email, you will be able to request all documentation from the end user, that can be provided at the same time of the formalization of the contract. Receiving all the necessary to proceed with the discharge.