Credentials Management

Create usage and security policies for your certificates


Qualified electronic certificates have become the most widely used credential for authentication and identification processes.


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It centralises the lifecycle of all certificates linked to an organisation. Your organisation will have complete autonomy to order:

  • Emission.
  • Suspension
  • Renewal.
  • Revocation.
  • Alerts on upcoming expiry.
  • Automatic reissuance of certificates within 15 days of expiry.

Ability and full autonomy to create usage policies:

  • Configure from which IPs can be used.
  • Set times and days of use.
  • Determine in which terminals they are functional.
  • Set allowed URLs, including authorised pages (limited proxies).
  • Indicate authorised software applications, and other specifications that may be of interest to you...

Capacity and full autonomy to create security policy:

  • Require authentication with Two-Factor Authentication using:
    • SMS
    • Instant messenger
    • Logical token
  • Audit of use:
    • Register of use.
    • Logging of unauthorised access attempts.
  • Secure remote destruction of certificates.
  • Even if certificates are tokenised or installed on computer terminals to guarantee the non-repudiation attribute, you can manage the entire lifecycle remotely and instantaneously.
  • It prevents any improper use.
  • Impossibility of access to the documents signed by the certificates. Other platforms need to store the certificates. (although this service is restricted to PCSCs).

No integration required, transparent to users:

  • Your organisation will have an intuitive administration console. No specific knowledge is required.
  • Your organisation does not need to install any application.
  • Users do not need to install plugins or browser extensions. The system is completely transparent to them.

100% compatible with all corporate solutions, regardless of programming language or commercial or customised solution.

Most common use cases:


Who need to establish customized policies for the use of credentials only during working hours.

Legal and Tax

That need to establish personalized policies to prevent access to electronic sites.

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Funcionality Other platforms ANF AC
Implementation No Plugin or Extensions to install
No custody of certificates required
It does not require API implementation in the organisation's systems to be used.
Interoperability Supports all types of tokens and certificates on signature server
100 % compatible with browsers and AAPP platforms
System compatible with Distributed Certificate Platform
Autonomy Credentials platform independent of the Centralised Platform
Organisational autonomy in credential management
Customizable Certificates can be stored in a single repository
The Credential Platform can be in SaaS client service
Certificates can be hosted on Centralised Platform without transport
Regulatory compliance The centralised platform is audited eIDAS with QSCD device
Complies eIDAS, LFE, ISO 27001, ENS, RGPD, LOPD.
Monitoring and Control Allows you to set usage policies
In centralised certificates (optional) possibility to retrieve certificate
Full remote lifecycle control (no need for certificate escrow)
Auditing of usage and attempts of unauthorised accesses
Create expiry alerts to keep track of SSL EV Secure Server (QWSC) certificates with automatic renewal capability 15 days prior to expiry.
Create expiry alerts to keep track of expiry Qualified electronic stamps. With automatic renewal capability 15 days before expiry.
Creates expiry alerts to keep track of PSD2 certificates in all its modalities. With automatic renewal capability 15 days before expiry.
Security Allows you to set Security Policy
Ability to customise new security parameters
2FA in SMS, instant messaging, logical token.
PIN in sole possession of the user (non-repudiation guarantee)
Life Cycle Control Issuing procedure
Revocation / Destruction
Usability It includes long-standing qualified electronic signature capability.
Intuitive and transparent system for the user