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What is certificate revocation?

Revocation is the cancellation of the validity of an electronic certificate prior to its expiry date. You can voluntarily request the revocation of your certificate if you have lost it, if it has been stolen, if you suspect that someone may know your PIN, among other reasons.

Signatures generated with revoked or expired certificates have no legal validity. Therefore, the revocation of a certificate is definitive: it entails the loss of its effectiveness and prevents the user from using it legitimately. This process has immediate effects and makes the renewal of the certificate and the operation of the approved signature creation device impossible.

The capacity to revoke end-entity certificates is held by: the certificate holder itself, its legal representative, the On-Site Verification Office that processed the request, the Issuing Ruling Officer or a Judicial Authority. To request the revocation of your certificate, fill in the following form and send it to


Reasons to revoke your certificate

  • Subscriber's voluntary request
  • Request of the Certificate Holder
  • Loss of the certificate storage medium
  • Subscriber's death, total or partial incapacity
  • Death of the person in charge of the certificate, total or partial incapacity
  • Termination of the Representation
  • Compromised key
  • Obsolete information

  • Defective issuance of a certificate due to:
  • Failure to comply with a material requirement for the issuance of the certificate
  • Reasonable belief that a fundamental piece of information relating to the certificate is or may be false
  • Existence of a data entry error or other processing error
  • Deliberate misuse of keys and certificates, or failure to comply with or contravention of operational requirements contained in the CPD or this CP
  • Substituted certificate
  • Insecure key length
  • Insecure algorithms
  • Loss of validity of any of the superior certificates of the Certification Path

How do I revoke my certificate?

You can do so by completing the form below:

Certificate Revocation Request Form