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Applications for smartphones and portable terminals

Applications for smartphones and portable terminals

This specific addendum to our main Privacy Policy provides additional informational context about the use of our Apps.

If you are using one of our applications associated with another of our services, you should read the additional privacy information specific to that service.

ANF AC has different mobile applications, and our privacy policy also applies to such applications, although sometimes there will be an additional privacy supplement provided by the application itself with more information. In those cases, both will apply.

When you download or use an ANF AC App, information may be accessed or stored on your device. This will allow it to function correctly and can remember you. Even the application may ask you to register to receive push messages, you will be able to deny this registration freely and without affecting its normal operation.

It`s also possible that the application may require a 2FA confirmation, either by SMS, push messaging, or email. This requirement is necessary for security reasons, not complying with it may prevent access to certain areas of the application.

Also, some of the applications may require Internet connectivity and geo-location activation, including collecting information about your device (type, unique identifiers, operating system, whether you are using 3G or 4G, etc.), application ID and application usage information. Additional information may be collected in order to provide you with the requested service, you will be informed in advance and you may refuse its transmission, although this may result in the loss of some or all of its functionality. E.g. Geocam Pericial, or Red AR, etc.

Information about your interactions with us
When you use the application and its functions, information about these interactions is stored on our servers.

Information about the quality and use of your connectivity services and applications:

Unless you have disabled the collection of information through the app settings, this information will be regularly sent to our servers. This information may be used to improve our services and keep track of service usage.

Information that our applications may capture from your device

  • Technical information about your device, such as, for example;
  • Phone brand and model;
  • operating system;
  • firmware version;
  • hardware requirements;
  • language and location;
  • battery status;
  • memory consumption; and
  • time since last reboot.

In addition, we may ask you to send an SMS to confirm your mobile number and associate it with this information.

Geolocation information
Some of our applications require you to determine geolocation, e.g. Geocam Pericial. Therefore, unless you have disabled data collection through the application settings, we collect location data from your device when we measure the above points. For this we are using GPS location data, WifI, etc. The app uses these to assess location more accurately.

Information we do not collect
None of our applications collect information from your address book, images or sound that is not expressly requested by you; documents or files stored on your terminal, which are not expressly requested by you.

The conservation period is the duration of the service contract, and during the period that ANF AC needs to accredit the correct fulfillment of its services.

Except in the cases established in the main Privacy Policy, ANF AC does not transfer the data to third parties.

Registry of Processing Activities (RAT)
For a greater detail of the data processing that we perform, we make available our RAT at,