Technical specifications


Time-stamping service is an HTTP service and time stamp requests are submitted as HTTP POST requests.


Address of service

Service certificate


ANF Timestamp Unit




Principles for time-stamping service provider, Terms and Conditions for the Time Stamp Service and the Subscription Agreement


Time-stamping service policy OID

Supported hash algorithms for time stamp request


SHA256, SHA384, SHA512

Time stamp signing key parameter


2048bit RSA


Time stamp signing algorithm



Time-stamping service policies supported in the request

Time-stamping service extensions supported in the request


Not specified

Responses to correct requests include the following:


  • status info – Operation Okay,
  • signing hash algorithm,
  • time stamp policy OID,
  • time-stamping time,
  • time-stamping service certificate with chain,
  • extensions used,
  • nonce value

Responses to incorrect time stamp requests include the following:


  • status info – Rejected,
  • cause of error

Negative response to a timestamp request


HTTP status code: 400 – Bad Request

Time-stamping service release notes


TSA CPS Policies