R&D Centers

Informatics Engineering.


We have engineering teams at our headquarters in Spain, Ecuador and Cuba. Specialists in: Java, C, C++, C#, Delphi, Phyton, PHP, Javascript, Android, iOS.


Wide experience in projects of electronic billing, certified digitization, electronic visa, e-Banking, clinical history, electronic recipe, e-government, e-Commerce and e-Learning platforms.

Experts in integration of electronic signature components, e-Identification, e-Validation, cryptography, extraction of data via OCR and ICR, and electronic re-stamping services.

Our engineering team has developed unique APIs. Provides support for third party developers to tailor their business applications.

Cloud, Linux/Unix/BSD Systems Management.


Formed by a multidisciplinary team that manages the day to day of more than three hundred servers, both physical and virtualized. 

Four Data Centers located in Europe and Latin America.


Some of the services we offer:
• Linux/ Unix/BSD servers support and management.
• Management of perimeter protection systems, firewalls, proxys, etc.
• Voice over IP.
• Backups.
• Updating of operating systems, kernels and software versions.
• Installing and configuring new hardware.
• Technical consulting.
• Pre-auditing and ISOS security planning.
• Documentation of configurations and topographies of the systems.
• Implementation of Disaster Recovery Plans (PRD).
• Contingency Plan.

Specialists in Google Cloud, Linux/Unix/BSD, AntiSpam, Servidores eMail, Firewall, DNS, QoS, FTP, SSL, TLS, Asterix, Apache, Tomcat, Moodle, PrestaShop.
• 24x7x365 SAT Service.
• Hardware replacement insurance.
• Liability insurance