Public e-Administration


ANF AC has all the technology and expertise to implement, with total reliability, a complete range of Electronic Public Services:

• PKI (includes CAi, TSA, VA, RA, AA).

• Electronic Record.

• e-Procurement – Closed application.

• One stop scheme - Electronic Headquarters Certificate

• RSC *1 Mailbox - Official Gazettes.

• Certified SMS - eMail notification.

• Electronic Billing.

• Certified Digitization.

• Issuance of visas and certificates.

• Recipes and electronic medical records.

• Electronic Justice.

• Secret e-Vote.

Service “turnkey”, -SAT 24x7x365-. The institution enjoys independence in system administration*2.


Technology includes: client-server, desktop applications,  Smartphone  app,  and tablets.  ANF AC ensures interoperability of electronic signature systems with the EU and various Latin American countries.

PKI Enable approved by major multinational companies: Microsoft, Apple, Google, Adobe, IBM, Fujitsu, etc.


Main advantages


• Availability: 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

• Accessibility: No need to visit the public administration's physical offices.

• Save time: No waiting, no queues.

• Management and cost. Improving the management of public services and cost reduction.

• Transparency. Reputation of a good government.

• Contingency Plan. It allows to develop real and economic plans.


ANF AC can assume the service fee model “per use”. Without investment from the public administrations.


*1 CSR [Corporate Social Responsibility].