Company private number

Objects digital Identification


ANF Autoridad de Certificación of Spain has assigned the SMI Network Enterprise Private Code 18332 by the international organization IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority), under the branch ( ). Other OIDs awarded to subsidiaries of ANF AC are: 18333, 18339 and 37442.


This code can be verified in the "Private Enterprise Numbers" of the IANA organization. From this code root, the Digital Object Identification Policy (OID) that ANF AC uses in the management of its PKI is established.



ANF AC uses OID in accordance with the standard ITU-T Rec. X.660 (2004) | ISO/IEC 9834-1:2005 "Procedures for the Operation of OSI Registration Authorities: General Procedures and ASN.1 Object Identifier tree top arcs".


Guarantee of traceability of objects

Each Digital Object fulfills a certain function in the PKI of ANF AC, and we maintain permanently updated an inventory of each adjudicated object identifier.


To ensure the traceability of the objects, the following protocol has been established:


  •           Each object, prior to being put into operation, is identified with an OID. The date of activation is registered, the person responsible for authorizing its commissioning is identified.