HSM issuance module


Modules for issuing ANF AC electronic certificates are hardware security modules (HSM) with FIPS 140-2 Level 3 accreditation or equivalent (CC ISO / IEC 15408 EAL 4+).

Supplied in appliance mode: everything is pre-installed, pre-integrated and ready for use.


Technical features:

• The CA private keys are generated and stored in secure containers of HSM.

• The module management is done in a secure environment. It requires the presence of two authorized operators for its use.

• Contingency plan that guarantees the restoration in a maximum time of 24 h.

• Intuitive console management.

• CA and CAi certificates using local console.

• Certificates of end user, automatic.

• CRL and ARL certificates, automatic.

• Unlimited profiles of certificate types.

• Personalized attributes treatment.

• Interoperable with AR Manager, OCSP, LDAP and CRLs.

• Incorporates business logic with controlled consistency prior to the issuance.

• Usage audit with the WebTrust CA standards.

• Incorporates “Opening and closing DJ”* technology.The system is inaccessible to hackers.

• High performance scalable device as needed.


Supply ways:

• BPO [Business Process Outsourcing] mode on transfer of use and associated payment for consumption:

• SaaS in ANF AC Data Center [Software as a Service].

• HiC in customer site [Harware-InCompany].


* ANF AC exclusive technology. It determines when opening and closing the Network port according to external events.


Patent pending.