Hardware manufacturing

Electronic Engineering.


We have electronics engineering teams in our offices in China and Cuba.

ANF AC has passed strict security audits of the main manufacturers, having signed agreements that allows us to access its most sophisticated components. Multinationals as SILICON MOTION, NXP, IBM, FUJITSU, NEXT Biometrics, 



We are specialized in

•    Fingerprint Modules
•    Nand Flash memories and controllers
•    Cryptographic microprocessors
•    NFC – UHF Components
•    Cryptography - Cryptanalysis
•    Smartcard
•    igital signal processors

Technology creates new limits to human intelligence. Microelectronics and cryptography have transformed society in the last decades, its special characteristics allow to develop devices of reduced dimensions but highly functional.

Our engineering department has developed unique devices of its kind:

•    Issuance HSM module
•    HSM Certificados en Cloud
•    Plug&Sign ®  
•    eSIGN ANF AC ®
•    Token HSM Basic
•    Token HSM MicroSD Reader
•    SmartCard Sign   
•    Token HSM Fingerprint
•    Fingerprint Desktop
•    Token SIM Reader
•    Lector SmartCard Basic
•    Token FIDO Autenticación
•    Tablet PC Dismulti 7 “
•    Cripto HDD STARAY ®
•    Black Box Sign ®