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Our Origins

In 1981 the National Association of Manufacturers of Spain (ANF) was founded, for the defense of the manufacturers in situations of commercial risk. ANF became the first group of these features, coming to have more than 50% of the first national and multinational companies in the food, beverage, medicines and perfume sectors. Always focusing its activity in the defense of the manufacturers in situations of commercial risk.

In the mid-80s, large groups of French distribution took presence in the Spanish market. ANF assumed leadership of the industry against large retailers, conducting market studies and taking concrete proposals to debate in the Congress of Deputies. As a result, ANF developed a significant expertise in the legal field, representing its partners in multiple processes during the 80s and 90s.
In 1997, the member companies requested a study to determine the role of the Internet in the commercial transaction. The report was extraordinarily revealing: everything was going to be electronic and, therefore, the technological tools were going to acquire a protagonism unknown until the date.
That same year ANF expanded its IT department and promoted an e-commerce platform to gain experience in the field. Continued Product Market was awarded that same year by national technological publications.


At the end of 1997, our General Director, F. Díaz, took the decision to provide the ANF technology area with its own legal entity and complete independence, forming ANF Autoridad de Certificación [ANF AC].  

With an important endowment of economic and human resources, ANF AC assumed the challenge of developing a project that will guarantee legal security in electronic transactions. After three years of intense work, in 2000 the Ministry of Science and Technology was notified to be in possession of the necessary technology to issue recognized electronic certificates, requesting their registration in the official Register of Certification Authorities.

ANF Certification Authority was the first entity in Spain to issue electronic certificates recognized in accordance with the Electronic Signature Law.
ANF AC currently operates the largest non-governmental certification platform in Spain: more than 300,000 certificates issued, more than 18 million time stamps supplied and a network of Registration Authorities covering the entire national territory.
All the technology used by ANF AC has been developed by our Engineering Department, 100% private capital and an investment of more than 10.000.000 €. We have technology agreements with the world's leading hardware manufacturers, and we are the only CA that controls the entire manufacturing, distribution and end-user service process.
In 2006, we decided to take the first steps in the international market. A determined commitment to internationalize our activity that in recent years has proven to be a complete success, not only for the success in attracting new markets, but for having succeeded in creating important production centers that improve our competitiveness and, therefore, The benefits to our customers.
Currently ANF AC already has presence in the EU, South America, the Caribbean and China.

The road to excellence has only one direction, investment in R & D

Our success is due to a continuous investment in R & D, a permanent innovation strategy and a determined service vocation.

In 2006, we created our Department of Electronic Engineering. At present we are the only CA that manufactures all the devices it distributes to the market. The innovation of our designs has allowed the processing of several patents.

In 2008, ANF AC was the first CA in the world to have an electronic signature device that, according to the established requirements, incorporated Nand Flash memory, Plug & Sign ®
Plug & Sign ® has given way to a new range of eSign ® devices that incorporate the most advanced cryptographic and biometric technology. With an exclusive memory security treatment Nand Flash makes them unique in its kind.
Advances in hardware instruments are comparable to developments in the area of software. We are the only CA that has a certified digitization system, officially approved by the Tax Agency (AEAT), the first to have an identification system and signature client server free of applets, and a suite of electronic notary level ICT solutions Critical Access ®
In addition, ANF AC has been a pioneer in offering standardized devices in all its approved devices, time stamp and validation in origin, as well as having an open electronic certification platform of electronic notary level.

Respect for international norms and standards

Every year we submit to the review of independent auditors of maximum prestige, ensuring compliance with the highest standards in PKI. Our PKI is certified in the most demanding standards.

These measures ensure the international interoperability of an open electronic certification system such as ANF AC.

Our effort to innovate has only a limit, respect for legal norms and international standards. We believe that every technological solution is designed based on the analysis of the regulations that affect its subject matter and, in its development phase, under the supervision of computer-legal experts.


We are part of something bigger
The business objectives of ANF AC incorporate a dimension that surpasses the strictly economic scope. We are committed to sustainable, responsible and ethical action with society. We value the transfer of knowledge as a source of trust.

In ANF AC we consider that an organization should be more than a business formed by material equipment, financial resources and a group of professionals united by a labor aspect. On the contrary, we understand that a company is part of a community and assumes a social responsibility that must offer products or services that presuppose a social improvement, that are sustainable and profitable.
In the 21st century every organization must have a philosophy, an identity and a social conscience. In ANF AC we have adopted in a decisive and indispensable way the ethical models of Triple Balance, Global Compact, and

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