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1What is an electronic certificate?

An electronic certificate is a digital document that allows the identification of the certificate holder, the secure exchange of information, and the electronic signature of data, so that its integrity and origin can be verified.

The certificates issued by ANF Autoridad de Certificación are qualified certificates.
2What is an electronic certificate for?

With an electronic certificate issued by ANF Autoridad de Certificación you can:

  • Authenticate yourself in electronic venues, reliably and securely proving your identity over the Internet.
  • Make electronic signatures.
  • Encrypt data.
    3Can I access any Public Administration headquarters with my ANF AC certificate?

    Yes. ANF Certification Authority is a Qualified Trust Service Provider, included in the Trust List of certification service providers. With an ANF AC certificate you will be able to authenticate yourself before the electronic offices of any Public Administration.

    In addition, the certificates are interoperable and functional in any Public Administration in Spain and throughout the European Union. Have you had a problem? Can't access a venue? Contact us, we will contact Headquarters and it will be resolved without delay. The Public Administration is big, and sometimes everyone's participation is necessary!

    4Will the Public Administration accept ANF AC certificates?
    Yes, ANF Autoridad de Certificación is a Qualified Trust Service Provider, included in the "Trusted List of Certification Service Providers". With an ANF AC certificate you will be able to authenticate yourself before the electronic offices of any Public Administration.
    5What is the validity of the certificates issued by ANF AC?
    The electronic certificates issued by ANF AC are valid for 2 years, with the possibility of renewal for 2 more years, before the expiration date. Only 1 renewal is possible.
    6How many certificates can I have in my name?
    As many as you wish or need.
    7What does it mean that ANF AC is a Qualified Trust Service Provider?

    The recognition of qualified indicates that ANF AC is a Trusted Service Provider that meets the requirements set out in Regulation (EU) No 910/2014 (eIDAS Regulation),and has passed the conformity audit performed by a Conformity Assessment Body (CAB) and has been accredited by the Spanish Supervisory Body, the Ministry of Economy and Enterprise (MINECO)..

    ANF AC is on the Spanish and European trusted lists (TSL):
    8What qualified services does ANF Certification Authority provide?

    ANF AC provides the following qualified services:

    • Qualified certificates of electronic signature.
    • Qualified certificates of electronic seal.
    • Qualified certificates for website authentication (SSL).
    • Qualified validation service for qualified electronic signatures.
    • Qualified validation service for qualified electronic seals.
    9Are all certificates the same?

    No, and it is very important that the applicant knows how to differentiate between the different types of existing certificates. Do not be confused by commercial terms that have nothing to do with the legal and technical reality of these instruments. At present there are only the following types of qualified certificates:

    • Qualified certificate of electronic signature. It is a certificate issued to a natural person who can intervene in his own name or as a legal representative of a third party.
    • Qualified certificate of electronic seal. This is a certificate issued to a legal entity. This type of certificate is issued for the creation of electronic seals that are issued in automated systems of high availability, it allows to authenticate documents issued in an unattended way.
    • Qualified secure server certificate. It is a technical certificate requested by a legal entity in which one or more DNS addresses are included. The website authentication certificate is used to identify and ensure secure communication between computer systems, it allows to establish SSL or TLS secure communications.

    For more information about all types of qualified certificates. Click here

    10How can I know if a qualified certificate is false, authentic or valid?

    The PCSC issuing this certificate is obliged to have certificate validation services. You can make online queries to OCSP responders.

    ANF AC is one of the few PCSCs that is qualified to issue qualified validation reports for certificates, signatures and electronic seals.

    11Can I use my certificate in all Public Administrations?

    Of course! ANF Autoridad de Certificación certificates are interoperable and functional in any Public Administration in Spain and throughout the European Union. Have you had any problem? Can't access to any site? Contact us, we will contact the headquarters and it will be solved without delay. The Public Administration is big, and sometimes it is necessary the participation of all!

    12Why is the intervention of a Qualified Trust Service Provider necessary?

    The PCSC, known internationally as Certification Authority (CA), attests to the veracity of the information contained in the certificate, that the electronic signature corresponds to its holder, that the public key contained in the certificate corresponds to the private key used by the applicant to sign it, and that the issuance process was performed in compliance with the legal standards and CPD of the CA. This is the reason why the certificates are signed, in turn, by the Certification Authority.

    In addition, the CA is responsible for informing third parties who rely on these electronic signatures, about the validity status of the certificates used, and provide signature validation tools.

    13How do I get and keep an electronic certificate?

    Electronic certificates can be delivered and used by their owner in different formats.

    • Electronic Format

      • Software format: "Key Distribution" by means of a PFX file. It is kept by the user in his PC.
      • Centralized Certificates. The certificates are hosted in ANF AC server. High security equipment, only the holder can use them and can access from anywhere with internet access.
    • Physical Format

      • Cryptographic USB.
      • Cryptographic Cards

    14How can I verify a signed document?

    ANF AC is one of the few PCSCs that is qualified to issue qualified validation reports for certificates, signatures and electronic seals.

    ANF AC has APIs, multi-validation servers and desktop solutions to validate electronic signatures.

    15What is an API?

    An API (acronym for Application Programming Interface) is a component that incorporates a set of commands, functions and computer protocols that allow developers to incorporate specific functionalities to their programs.

    ANF Autoridad de Certificación's APIs provide its applications (CRM, ERPs, etc.) with advanced services. E.g. certified digitization accredited by AEAT, procedures before the Public Administrations, collection of electronic notifications 060, informed consents RGPD, registration of treatment activities, electronic invoicing, Register of Accredited Companies, sick leave, labor contracts, VAT recovery, etc..

    An ANF AC API is an "access key" to the electronic government of the XXI Century, without investment risks and with accelerated implementation

    16What work does an OVP do?

    An OVP will complete the process of identification and processing of electronic certificates, following the following steps:

    • Attend the user in person
    • Verify the documentation provided by the applicant
    • Digitize the original documents provided by the applicant.
    • Signature by the OVP and the applicant
    • ANF AC will notify the applicant
    17How can I access my certificates?

    You can easily download your e-certificate by logging in to your "ANF AC account": and accessing the "My Certificates" section

    In this section, you will find all certificates that have been issued in your name, listed by type and status (current, expired or revoked).

    You will be able to download your private key, in case you have requested a certificate in Key Distribution mode, following these simple steps:

    • Login to your ANF AC account
    • Go to the "My Certificates" section
    • Locate the certificate you wish to download
    • Click on the download button
    • You will now have the PFX file in your device downloads and you will need to install your certificate to start using it
    18What can I use my certificate for?

    You will find available in your ANF AC account, the free service of electronic signature of documents. You can follow these steps to proceed to sign:

    • Go to the My Certificates > Electronic Signature section
    • Select from your computer or drag and drop the file you want to sign
    • Select the certificate you want to sign the document with
    • Click on sign
    • Enter your certificate pin
    • The signed document will be automatically downloaded, to view the signature on the document open it with Adobe PDF and access the signature panel.

    The signature of files signed with this functionality is of long validity, not visible, which is used in important documents, where it is necessary to preserve the technical validity of the signature for a long period of time, contains data to ensure the validity of the signature even if, after the signature, the certificate used for signing has expired or has been revoked, or some data has become obsolete.

    Also from your account, you can subscribe to other services such as SigntoSign and Transfer Security.

    19I have forgotten my login password, how do I recover my account?"

    If you have forgotten the password to access your ANF AC account, by clicking on the option I forgot my password, from the access page, you will be able to recover it, a verification code will be sent to your email or mobile phone registered in the account, for this purpose:

    • Select the way you wish to receive the verification code. This will allow you to verify that this account belongs to you.
    • Enter the email address or your mobile phone registered to the account and click Next.
    • You will receive a code via the selected channel.
    • Enter the code in the space provided.
    • Set the new password.
    • You will now be able to access your ANF AC account with your new password.


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